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Why Wilderness Ministry?


We want to use God’s creation to help get in touch with and grow in God, the Creator.

Through wilderness ministry, we specifically focus on one tool that God has given us to help understand Him, “the wilderness."  Many times in the Bible, God used the wilderness as an experience to help people understand His plans, or as a refuge from trouble.


Experiencing the wilderness together is a unique opportunity to build community.  We do this in part by simply doing life together; eating, working, playing, and experiencing God together.  We share our “life stories," telling about experiences that made us who we are, our journey with Christ, things that we’ve struggled with and where we are now.  We do this both as a way to open ourselves up to others in a trusting, safe environment, and to encourage others in the group that they are not alone in life.  Others have had experiences that can relate to theirs. We also use daily devotionals tailored to the specific group, as well as quiet time alone to contemplate God in a place where the only distractions are Creation itself. The opportunities to get away from the daily distractions of life are getting rarer and rarer.

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