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Summer 2023 Work Study

Who: 14-16 year olds

What: An 8 week program of spiritual growth, hard work, mentorship, time outdoors, and fun!

When: 3 day per week, 8am-4pm

Girls group days: Monday-Wednesday 8am-4pm

Boys group days: Wednesday-Friday 8am-4pm


Important Dates


Informational Session:

  • March 21: 7-8 pm


Orientation Sessions (upon acceptance of application, required):

  • May 23: 7-8pm

  • May 30: 7-8pm


Summer Schedule:

  • June 12: First day for Girls & Boys

  • June 13-16: Backpacking Trip (Girls & Boys combined)

  • July 3-7: NO WORK STUDY

  • August 7-11: Canoe Trip (Girls & Boys combined)

  • August 11: Last Day of Work Study 

  • August 14-18 & 21-25: OPTIONAL day camp opportunities/make-up

What you’ll gain from participating in Work Study:


  • Spiritual growth and mentorship through daily group devotionals, helping plan and run our K-5th grade programs, and time spent together exploring and discussing God's creation

  • Experience working with and teaching K-5th graders about God, the Bible, farming, outdoor skills, and more.

  • Farming experience, growing veggies and packing Wilderness Experience’s garden subscription boxes with the proceeds from them helping fund this program.

  • Wilderness trips to start and end the summer. This is an opportunity to grow together as a group and learn new outdoor skills. The work study program starts and ends with overnight trips in the local area. The first one will be backpacking, and the second trip is canoeing.


Cost: $400 

Much of the actual cost of running this program will be offset by proceeds from the garden share program and donations from our supporters.


Do you know someone who would be perfect for this program? Questions? Please get in touch with us!

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