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Executive Director

Wilderness Experience is seeking an Executive Director who loves Jesus and can lead and oversee the programming, management, development, and promotion of this ministry. The successful candidate will be responsible for ensuring a safe, engaging, and spiritually enriching environment for campers while promoting the core values of our organization. They will coordinate all programming, disciple staff as well as campers, develop relationships with ministry partners, communicate with all involved in the ministry as well as the general public, coordinate the stewardship of the ministry’s property and animals, while seeking God’s will in all of the above.

Young Adult Internship

Are you looking for a chance to share the GOOD NEWS of JESUS with kids in a camp setting this summer?! We are looking for two interns for Wilderness Experience for our upcoming ministry season! Wilderness Experience is an outdoor ministry, locally focused on the greater Duluth area. Our mission is to help our community pursue Christ through experiencing His creation. We specialize in day camps and a variety of outdoor learning experiences for children and young adults.

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