Discovering Winter Daycamp

An opportunity to learn new ways to experience God's creation in winter! We'll spend the first 3 days learning new skills to enjoy and thrive in a winter environment. Then we'll head out on trail for an overnight to test them out and experience the winter wilderness like never before!


Along the way,  we will grow together through our adventures and teamwork, and grow in Christ as we take time to reflect on the beauty of Creation and challenge one another as we dig into God's Word.


-The first 3 days of camp, are a day camp running from 8a to 4p


-The final two days Thursday-Friday include an overnight. We will meet at “The Farm” Thursday at 8a and return in time for pick-up at 4p on Friday.


-Participants will need to bring their own lunch Monday-Wednesday. Food for the overnight trip will be provided.


  • Cost: $200

  • Ages: 7-9th grade

  • Location: The Farm, overnight is offsite

  • Upcoming Dates:

    • TBD

    • Time: First 3 days 8a-4p day 4 leave 8a return 4p on day 5

Email us to sign-up!